Renaissance Providence Hotel

Renaissance Providence Hotel
5 Avenue of the Arts
Providence, RI 02903
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Photographer's comments:

This hotel is one of Providence's newest gems. It's situated across the street from the Rhode Island State House and is attached to the historic Veterans Auditorum. One wouldn't know that for years, before this was a beautiful hotel, it was huge blight in the city. The building was conceived as a Masonic Temple and construction began in the 1920s. Buts the Masons ran out of money to complete the project and workers walked off the job in 1928. It remained an empty shell for decades and became a haven for graffiti artists. That all changed when the property was restored and the current luxury hotel was built. That project was completed in 2007. The Renaissance's main ballroom is, oddly, in the basement of the building. But once you get off the elevator, you would never know you were below the hotel lobby. The main room is spacious, large enough for a dozen or more tables, and a dance floor in the center. It has a good size foyer for a cocktail hour before the main event. The staff seemed professional and extremely helpful. They allowed me to set up a mini photo studio in the lobby foyer to do some family portraits. There are no windows in the ballroom and that means photos will be taken with a flash. Photographs generally look nice with flash lighting in a large room since the walls are far enough away that the background falls dark, highlighting the subject. Aside from the ballroom, a good spot for photographs in right across the street at the Rhode Island State House.

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The Renaissance Providence Hotel is across the street from the Rhode Island State House, and is attached to Veterans Auditorium.
The downstairs ballroom can easily hold a dozen tables and a dance floor, with room to spare.
The large space makes for nicer flash pictures: the walls are so far away that they are dark, highlighting the subjects.
Available light - lit mainly by candles.
The staff was professional and accommodating. They allowed me to set up a mini photo studio in a foyer off the main lobby to take some family portraits. We even moved some furniture.