Five Bridge Inn

Five Bridge Inn
154 Pine St.
Rehoboth, MA 02769
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Photographer's comments:

Located in a rural section of Rehoboth, Mass. the Five Bridge Inn is a hidden gem. The venue is located about 9 miles east of Providence, R.I. The facility is essentially a bed and breakfast with a mix of traditional and contemporary decor, surrounded by a huge expanse of a lawn. Amenities include an outdoor pool and tennis courts. Functions are held in a large tent that appears to be a permanent addition to the property. There are lots of photographic possibilities here, and the choice of several backgrounds. One couple I photographed here, Emily and Rob, wanted to have some fun with the surroundings, so we did some photographs in the tall grass, near a shy llama. With a little help from Photoshop, we had some fun with a playhouse on the property.

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This panorama of the Five Bridge in was made with two separate pictures, merged in Photoshop. The grounds are even beautiful at night.