Hi Tim,
Your photos are all absolutely stunning, spectacular, and more than perfect. You truly captured every drop of our wedding and froze them in time for us to treasure forever! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!
- Danielle M., Farmington, Conn.

Daniel and I love the pictures, we are so impressed by your work, the pictures are amazing and everyone who has been onto your site has called us just to say how amazing the pictures are. We also made you a list of our favorite images (we apologize now for the amount of favorites we chose - but it was just too hard to pick!) The favorites in your section - we loved loads of them - and the time lapse ceremony set up was genius!
- Shannon L., London.

These photos look amazing. It's everything I was hoping for and more. I am so glad we chose you as a photographer!"
- Greg F., Brooklyn, New York.

First... GREAT JOB, you work is exactly what we were looking for and we have been online several times to look at them. You have captured all that we wanted for the day's event and we are very very happy with them all.
-David D., Coventry, Rhode Island

We received the package, and we all LOVED it! We will be ordering a bunch of additional prints (in addition to the 8 x 10's that I think come with the package). Will get back to you soon. You did a fabulous job; many, many thanks!
- Carol S., West Newton, Mass.